Offline Formulas

If you distribute Q&A Cloud workbooks to users who do not have the Q&A Cloud add-in installed, you must enable Offline Formulas before distribution. This prevents error messages being displayed when the workbooks are opened. Offline Formulas apply to all worksheets in a workbook.

If a workbook with Offline Formulas is open and the Q&A Cloud add-in is also open, formulas are recalculated by the add-in. You can recalculate individual formulas, even if the workbook has offline formulas enabled, by using the relevant definition form.

Offline Formulas cannot be disabled after they are enabled. But, if the Q&A Cloud add-in is loaded, the workbook works as normal.

Offline formulas cannot be applied to workbooks which contain Q&A Cloud macros with Macro steps that require the Q&A Cloud add-in.

If macros are disabled, you are prompted to enable VBA macros in the Excel Trust Center. You must also select the Trust access to the VBA project object model option.

  1. Open the workbook to save with Offline Formulas.
  2. Select Utilities > Offline Formulas from the Options group.
    The workbook is saved as a Macro-Enabled Workbook (*.xlsm). The Save As dialog is displayed if the file is saved in a different Excel format.