Example of setting a filter

This example shows how the account type can be displayed in a different column after applying a filter.

Complete the steps in this example to include filters in your report:

  1. Create a summary report.
    1. Select Ledger.
    2. Specify the value for the account code as 38700-64005.
    3. Add an account type to the filter. The default value for the filter is <ALL>.
    4. Include the account code and account type in the output.
  2. Select the Report Style tab.
  3. Select Designer. The Report Designer window is displayed.
  4. In the Output section, right-click and select Add All to add all outputs to the layout.
  5. Double-click Account Type or right-click Add As Column to add it to the end of the layout.
  6. In column A, right-click and select Edit > Edit Filtersand select Bfor the filter for the first account type. The filter value supports reference to the value in Microsoft Excel.
  7. In the final column, specify the D for the filter.
  8. Right-click and select Edit > Edit Sections. The Sections window is displayed.
  9. Clear the Total check box.
  10. Click OK to generate the report.

    This table shows the example report.

    Account Code Account Type Account Type
    62000 B
    64001 D
    64002 D
    64003 D
    64004 D
    64005 D