Macros enable you to automate a process within the Q&A DataLink Server by calling exposed functions within the macro.

To create a macro manually, you must specify the appropriate VBA code in Excel's Macro Editor. The files should be stored as .XLSM files, which is an Excel macro-enabled Workbook. After you have created your macro you can assign a standard Excel Button to the macro. Refer to the Microsoft Online help for further information. It is also advisable to avoid renaming the macro once created.

Before creating a macro, ensure that you have these prerequisites:

  • The Q&A Cloud Plug-in is enabled and you are logged on.
  • The Trust access to the VBA project object model option is enabled in the Trust Center of Microsoft® Office Excel.
  • In VBA, the Q&A Cloud Reference has been enabled to allow the Q&A Cloud object library to be used in macros.
Note: To enable the Q&A Cloud Reference within Microsoft Excel, press ALT+F11 to open the VBA development environment and select Tools > References. In the References - VBAProject window, select the Infor check box.