Use the Mid function to return a specified number of characters from as string.


Mid(string, start[, length])

Argument Description
string String expression from which characters are returned. If string contains Null, then Null is returned.
start Character position in string at which the part to be taken begins. If start is greater than the number of characters in string, then Mid returns a zero-length string ("").
length Number of characters to return. If omitted, or total number of characters are fewer than length, then all characters from the start to the end position are returned.

To determine the number of characters in a string, use the Len function.


  • Dim MyVar 
    MyVar = Mid("VB Script is fun!", 4, 6) 

    This example returns a string that is six characters long and starts with the fourth character in the string: MyVar = "Script"

  • Mid("This is the middle of this sentence",9,10)

    This example returns "the middle":