Using Transaction Drilldown

  1. Open a worksheet that contains one or more summary links, or create a new summary link, and select a value.
  2. Click Transactions in the Drilldown section.
    The Transaction Drilldown window is displayed. The data filter items that are specified in the summary link are displayed in the Filter section. The Output pane lists the items that are output by the summary link.
  3. Select the output items on which to drill down.
    For example, if Base Amount is output by the summary link, then you can add Account Code to the Output pane. The individual account codes and base amounts are identified by the transaction drill down which, together, form the total returned by the summary link.
  4. Click OK. A child worksheet is created containing transaction drill down results for each of the selected output items.

    The data output items specified in the transaction drill down are used as table headings. If required, then you can change the table headings.

    Note: If the original query definition is modified, then you must save the drill path again.