Using Auto Format

You can apply a predefined format to your report using Auto Format.

Note: To use Microsoft Excel cell formatting, clear Apply Auto Format.
  1. In the Query Definition dialog, click the Report Style tab.
  2. Select Auto Format.
  3. Specify this information:
    Apply Auto Format
    Select this option to apply a predefined format to your report. You must select an option from the drop-down menu. The default value is Simple. You can preview the format of your selection in the Preview section.
    Each predefined report style uses up to six types of formatting. These specify the appearance of the reports to which they are applied, but you are not required to apply all of them. Clear the formats you do not want to apply to your selected report style:
    • Number
    • Pattern
    • Font
    • Width
      Note: Clear the Width option to disable column auto-resizing during recalculation.
    • Alignment
    • Border.
    Output Table Names
    The names of the tables from which the information is extracted, are displayed as report headers. The default is not to output table names.
    Output Data Item Names
    The names of the output items that are specified in the query, are displayed by default.
    Display the sum of a numeric output item. Totals are displayed by default.