Creating a simple report without Page Headers or Totals

This example shows you how to construct a simple report design without Page Headers or Totals.

  1. Create a Summary Report or a Detail Report report that includes Account Code, Accounting Period and Base Amount as outputs.
  2. Click Report Style > Designer to open Report Designer.
  3. Right-click an output item in the Output section and select Add All.
    The report design is populated with the default output from your report definition.
  4. In the Output section, right-click the Account Code header and select Edit > Edit Sections.
  5. Clear the Page Header field.
  6. Clear the Total field.
  7. Click OK then click Yes to confirm that you want to clear the sections.
  8. Click OK to close Report Designer and generate the report.

    The report should generated without column headings:

    13000 2005/009 -4,642.11
    14000 2005/009 -4,522.75
    15000 2005/009 -244,912.52