Ledger Listing

The Ledger Listing report is a Detail Report that uses levels to group the header report lines. The report includes running totals after each account.

User defined output (UDO) fields are used to calculate the header lines and provide the running totals at the end of the report. The extracted header information also returns the Query & Analysis user and username.

The Report Designer is used to format, group and sub-total the report.

These fields are included on the report:
  • Accounting Period
  • Account Code
  • Description
  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction Reference
  • Description
  • Journal Type
  • Journal Number
  • Base Amount
  • Product Type Analysis Code
  • Department Analysis Code
  • Employee Code Analysis Code
Note: To open the Detail Report definition screen, double-click cell F8.

This table shows the filters used on the report:

Filter Value Field reference
Table Ledger (LA)
Ledger A $C$8
Account Code 14000 - 15000 $C$9 - $C$10
Accounting Period 2005/001 - 2005/002 $C$11 - $C$12
Journal Type All $C$13
Product Type Analysis Cde All $C$14
Department Analysis Code All $C$15
Employee Analysis Code All $C$16