Balance Sheet (improved performance)

The Balance Sheet report in the Infor Q&A 11.3 Example Reports for SunSystems 6 (performance improvements).xlsm spreadsheet uses a Summary Report to extract data from the source data to hidden columns in the spreadsheet. The Excel SUMIFS function is used in the Balance Sheet report to select account balances for the current and prior periods from the hidden columns.

This report uses cell C8 to define the current period for the report.

Note: Unhide columns T to Z to view the Summary Report data. To open the Summary Report definition screen, double-click cell V10.

The Report Designer on the Report Style tab of the Summary Report screen is used to define the filters for the Summary Report for these values:

  • Account Code
  • Current Period
  • Prior Period
  • Same Period (Last Year)
  • Year End (Last Year)
Note: The Filters section of the worksheet is used to control the selection of the Business Unit and Period.