Trial Balance

The Trial Balance report is a complex Summary Report that returns opening and closing balances of account for different periods.

The Report Designer is used to filter the Account Type for the Opening Balance, Period Debits, Period Credits and Closing Balance columns in the report. The Report Designer is also used to format the report to include a grand total for the report.

The report is sorted in ascending order using the Account Type and Account Code.

These fields are included on the report :

  • Account Code
  • Accounting Period
  • Debit/Credit
  • Account Type
Note: To open the Summary Reportdefinition screen, double-click cell F7.

This table shows the filters used on the report:

Filter Value Field reference
Table Ledger (LA) -
|Ledger A -
Account Code 11000 - 35000 $C$9 - $C$10
Accounting Period All $C$11 - $C$12
CA\Account Type Defined in the Report Designer -