Inventory listing

The Inventory listing is a Summary report that lists inventory transactions for a range of items and uses Excel formulas to calculate the balance of items at their location.
These fields are included on the report:
  • Location
  • Item
  • Transaction Date
  • Receipt or Issue
  • Cost Type Code
  • Quantity in and out, and balance
  • Unit cost
  • Amount
  • Current
  • Totals
Note: To open the Summary Report definition screen, double-click cell F7.

This table shows the filters used on the report:

Filter Value Field reference
Table Inventory Issue or Receipt (IBIR) -
Item code GN3001 to GN6001 $C$10 - $C$11
Actual or Anticipated 1
Movement Date $C$12 - $C$13
Location L-B-04 to L-GI-INSP $C$8 - $C$9