Account Balances

The Account Balances report is a Summary Report that returns the base amount and other amount balances of all accounts except memo accounts.

The Report Designer is used to format the report to include subtotals for each account and a grand total for the report.

These fields are included on the report :
  • Account Code
  • Description
  • Account Type
  • Base Amount
  • Base 2 Reporting Amount
  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Currency Code
Note: To open the Summary Report definition screen, double-click cell F6.

This table shows the filters used on the report:

Filter Value Field Reference
Table Ledger (LA)
Account Code 64100 - 81010 $C$9 - $C$10
Accounting Period 2004/001 - 2004/008 $C$11 - $C$12
CA\Account Type 9