Aged Creditors

The Aged Creditors report is a Summary report that uses User Defined Output (UDO) fields to position the transaction balances into the appropriate aging band, rather than using filter columns for aging bands.

UDO fields have a performance advantage over a filtered column report in larger datasets.

The Report Designer is used to format the report to include columns for the aged creditor values (current, 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days), and subtotals for each account and a grand total for the report.

The report is sorted in ascending order using the Account Code, Description, and Transaction Date.

These fields are included on the report:
  • Account Code
  • Description
  • Transaction Date
  • Due Date
  • Base Amount
  • Transaction Reference
  • Description
  • Days Overdue
  • Current
  • UDOs for aged balances
Note: To open the Summary Report definition screen, double-click cell F15.

This table shows the filters used on the report:

Filter Value Field reference
Table Ledger (LA) -
Ledger A -
Account Code 81001 - 81004 $C$8 - $C$9
Accounting Period All -
Allocation Marker * (exclude paid, allocated and corrections) -