<Defaults> is an optional child of the <DataImport> element. Like the <Metadata> element, it can be used to define constants for use in the mapping file. It has one or more <Default> elements as children.


Each <Default> element defines a specific default value. Note that you can use either a defaults or metadata items to define constants. The only difference is that a metadata item uses a Name attribute as the key, and a default uses an Id attribute.

This table describes each attribute of the <Default> element.

IdID used to refer to the default. Required.
TypeData type of the default. All .NET types are supported. The import processor will attempt to cast the default to this type, but will return an error if there is a type mismatch. For example, an integer can be cast as a string, but a string can’t be cast as an integer.
ValueValue of the default. Required.