UCC properties

A User Control Container (UCC) is used to embed a separate applet in a page. For example, many pages in Infor Public Sector use the same set of fields to record contact information. Rather than adding these fields to each page individually, they’re stored in a separate contact control applet, which can then be placed in a UCC on each page that requires the contact fields. Agencies can show system-defined applets in UCCs, or they can show their own agency applets. A UCC can also show an ascx page.


Property Description
ID (advanced) Identification code for the UCC.

You cannot change the IDs of the out-of-the-box controls.

You can change the IDs that Infor Public Sector generates for agency-defined controls, but we recommend that you use the default values.


DisabledCanEdit (advanced)Indicates whether users can make a disabled control editable by clicking the Edit button at the top of an InfoViewer. A control is disabled if its Enabled property is set to False, or if the page is opened through an InfoViewer.
Enabled (advanced)Indicates whether the UCC is enabled.
Follows After (advanced)ID of the control that the UCC follows in the page's tab order.
Required (advanced)Indicates whether Infor Public Sector will require the user to enter information in the control.


RemoteSource (advanced) Relative path of the ascx page you want to show in the UCC.


FollowsBottomEdgeIndicates whether the UCC abuts the bottom of the page or group area it is displayed in.
FollowsRightEdgeIndicates whether the UCC abuts the right edge of the page or group area it is displayed in.
HeightHeight of the UCC in pixels.
WidthWidth of the UCC in pixels.
Left (advanced)Position of the left edge of the UCC, in pixels.
Top (advanced)Position of the top of the UCC, in pixels.


AppletMonikerMoniker of the applet to be loaded in the UCC.
MonikerMoniker of the business object that the UCC is bound to.
Bind (advanced)Business object property the UCC is bound to. This is typically a foreign key of the main business object for the parent page. It is used to link the data in the UCC to the parent record.