Definition Manager

Use the Definition Manager to transfer configuration data from one instance of Infor Public Sector to another. For example, you can transfer configurations from a development or test environment to a production environment.

"Configurations" is used here as a general term for different types of setup and configuration records throughout Infor Public Sector. For example, depending on the modules that your agency is using, the records that you can transfer include employees, workflow formulas, asset inspection types, building permit application types, and setup records for the Billing module.

To transfer configurations you must specify the source site, the destination site, and the configuration data that you want to transfer. The Definition Manager then analyzes the two sites and shows a list of configuration records that differ between them.

If records are the same in both sites, they are excluded from the transfer. If a record exists in the source but not the destination, or if it exists in the destination in a different form, it can be transferred or updated. You can select records to transfer individually so you get just the data that you need.

You can also transfer configurations to or from packages.

See Packages.