Adding an event to an incident

You can use incident events to create a more detailed account of a particular incident. For example, a traffic accident might involve multiple collisions between different vehicles, each of which could be listed as a distinct event. When adding events, you select from the list of possible event types defined for the incident type. Event types can also include detail pages that you can use to record additional information.

  1. Load the incident you want into the Incident InfoViewer.
    You can open an incident in the InfoViewer by clicking the correct Incident # link on any form that shows the link, such as Lookup Incidents.
  2. Select the Summary tab.
  3. Click Add above the Events grid.
  4. Type an identification number for the event in the Event field.
    The Event field only accepts integer values.
  5. Specify the type of event in the Event Type field.
  6. Type a description of the event in the Description field.
  7. If a detail page has been defined for the event type, specify the additional information as defined.
  8. Click Save.