Defining a milestone

  1. Select Planning > Setup > Application Workflow.
  2. In the Application Types tree, browse to the Milestones node for the correct application type.
  3. Right-click the Milestones node and select Create a Milestone.
  4. Specify this information:
    Enter a name for the milestone. The name must be unique within the application type but can be reused in other application types.
    Application Status
    Specify the application status that Infor Public Sector will assign to an application at this milestone, such as Open, Stop Work, or Closed.
    Status Date Type
    Select the type of status date that Infor Public Sector will use, such as COO or Processed.
    Display Order
    Specify the order in which the milestone is displayed in the Application Types tree
    Is Public in Portal
    Indicate whether applications at this milestone are shown to public users in Rhythm for Civics.
    Next Milestone
    Specify the milestone that follows the current milestone.

    If the next milestone will always follow the current milestone, specify the name of that milestone in the Default Next Milestone field. If you want to use a formula to calculate the next milestone, specify the formula in the Next Milestone Formula field.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Define the necessary supporting information for the milestone.
    You can define inspection types, condition types, fee types, hearing types, review types, and details that will be added to an application when it enters this milestone. You can also define the status checks that Infor Public Sector will run.