Defining a daily hearing schedule

When you define a hearing type, you'll include information about how often hearings based on the template will be scheduled. You can set up hearings to be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

  1. Define a hearing type.
  2. Under Recurrence, select Daily from the Schedule Type list.
  3. Specify whether hearings that are based on this template will be scheduled at an interval or on every weekday.
    To schedule hearings on an interval, select Every _ days(s), and type the number of days that you want between hearings in the field. For example, if you want hearings to be scheduled on every third day, specify 3.
    To schedule hearings Monday through Friday, select Every weekday.
  4. Specify any other information about the schedule.
    If you selected Every _ day(s), you must specify the date in the Starting Date field to indicate when Infor Public Sector will begin scheduling hearings based on this schedule. For example, if you specify an interval of 3 and a starting date of 01/01/2008 (a Tuesday), Infor Public Sector will schedule hearings on January 1, January 4 (a Friday), January 7 (a Monday), and so on. You can use the "Days in Advance" fields to indicate how far in advance a hearing can be scheduled, such as indicating that a hearing must be scheduled between three and 30 days before it is held.
  5. Click Save.