Transaction InfoViewer

The Transaction InfoViewer shows information about a selected payment, escrow, or refund transaction, such as the transaction amount, the date, and the employee who submitted the transaction. Depending on the type of transaction, the InfoViewer shows transaction details on one or more tabs.

  • For payment and escrow transactions, the Contact Info tab shows information on the contact who made the transaction.
  • For payment transactions, the Payment tab shows information on the payment, such as the payment method and the account number for a check or card payment. For escrow payments it shows the escrow account number.
  • The Fee tab shows information on the fees the transaction is associated with.
  • The Fee Transactions tab shows information on the fee transactions a payment or refund transaction is associated with, such as fee payments, adjustments, and overpayment. In a CDR Billing environment, this tab shows information on associated account transactions.
  • The Comments tab shows any comments about the transaction.

You access the Transaction InfoViewer by clicking the Transaction # link on any form that shows the link. Infor Public Sector then loads the transaction into the viewer. The viewer also includes a Print button that you can use to print a transaction. If you accessed the viewer from a lookup, you can use the Previous and Next buttons to view each transaction in the lookup grid.