Applying credits

In a CDR Billing environment, depending on the bill type, you can manually apply credits to unpaid charges on an application. For example, you can apply an overpayment to other charges on the application. For some bill types you can manually apply credits to any charges, regardless of the bill type. For other bill types you can only apply credits to charges for the same bill type, or you cannot manually apply credits.

Note: You can also use the Manage Account page to manually apply credits.
  1. Load the application you want in the Application InfoViewer.
  2. Select the Fees tab.
  3. Click the Apply link next to the Total Credits field.
  4. In the Unapplied Credits grid, select each credit that you want to apply.
  5. In the Unpaid Charges grid, select the charges to which you want to apply the credits.
  6. Click Apply.