Recording a payment dispute

If a customer disputes a payment, you can use the Payment InfoViewer to record the dispute. Infor Public Sector marks each disputed payment as pending until the dispute is resolved. To review and resolve disputed payments, you can use either the Payment InfoViewer or the Pending Disputes List or Pending Disputes to Review items in My Infor.

  1. Load the payment you want into the Payment InfoViewer.
    You access the Payment InfoViewer by clicking the Trace # link for the payment on any form that shows the link
  2. Click Dispute.
    Infor Public Sector shows the Dispute Payment dialog box.
  3. Specify the reason for the dispute in the Reason field.
    The dispute reason code might also specify an employee who will be assigned to investigate and resolve disputes of the selected type. If so, Infor Public Sector will enter that employee's ID in the Assigned To field. You can also assign the dispute by entering an employee ID in the Assigned To field manually.
  4. Click Save.
    Infor Public Sector changes the payment status to Disputed and shows the dispute information in the Payment InfoViewer. If the selected dispute reason code includes a log type, Infor Public Sector will also add a log entry to the customer's account.