Applying discounts and surcharges

To apply a discount or surcharge, you must add it to the appropriate bill type and then indicate which of the bill type's other line items are affected.

  1. Select Billing > Setup > Billing > Bill Type.
  2. Right-click an existing bill type and select Update Bill Type Setup.
  3. Select the Line Items tab.
  4. Add the one-off line item that you previously defined for the discount or surcharge.
  5. Under SURCHARGE/DISCOUNTS, specify the other line items that the discount or surcharge applies to.
    1. Select the discount or surcharge line item from the Line Item Setups list.
    2. Click OK.
    3. In the Line Item Application dialog box, use the arrow buttons to move each line item that the discount or surcharge applies to from the Unlinked Items grid to the Linked Items grid.
      The Unlinked Items grid lists the available line items for the bill type. To apply the discount or surcharge to line item, select it and move it to the Linked Items grid.
    4. Click Save.