Adding an agency detail field

In this example the agency has added an Alligator Rating field on a sewer main detail page. They want to include this field when they export sewer main inspections to Neztek.

To include the detail field you must modify the Neztek Sewer Mains template. To add a new field to an existing template, there are three basic steps:

  1. Add a column for the agency field to the template database.
  2. Add a column mapping to the export template.
  3. Add a column mapping to the import template.

The files for this template are in the DataTemplates\AssetInspectionExchange\Neztek Sewer Mains folder. The template database is Neztek_Sewer_Mains.mdb, so you would first add a column, such as ALLIGATOR, to the CCTVFLEX table, which stores the exported sewer main inspections.

The export template is Neztek_Sewer_Mains_Export.xml. To add a column mapping, locate the <ConfigurationNode> element for the sewer main inspections (Moniker="Hansen.AssetManagement.Sewer.SMNServiceInspection") and add a child <Col> element under the <RecCols> element. The Name attribute specifies the column name that you added to the template database, and the Alias attribute specifies the agency detail field that you are exporting. Put the moniker of the agency business object in brackets, followed by the property name, as in this example:

<Col Name="ALLIGATOR" Alias="[InforClient.AgencyProductFamily.AgencySewerMainDetail].AlligatorRating" SqlType="" />