Needs analysis logging options

This table describes each of the logging options that you can select when you initiate a needs analysis run. After completing the run, you can view the logs in the Needs Analysis Log InfoViewer.

Logging Option Description
Errors Shows errors occurring during the run, such as “No Result Found,” “Outside the Target Year,” formula errors, or database errors.
Decision PathShows the path taken through the decision model to reach the selected result node.
Passes Failing to Pick an Activity Shows errors that come back with the reason "No Activity Specified" (no activity is required), "Beyond Target Year" (all potential activities have target dates beyond the analysis period ), or "No Result Found" (the path followed in the decision model does not lead to a result node).
Index Values Shows asset index values at the start and end of each decision model pass. The index value at the end of the run is the expected index value resulting from completion of the selected activity. Each successful pass through the model should have one set of index values.
All Activity Candidates Lists all other activities that were not selected from the result node.