Site files for migration

Site files and user files are migrated separately. Generally, site files are core files such as configurations and assemblies for agency business objects, while user files are user-generated files that are stored in the application directory, such as PDFs created by a correspondence process.

See User files for migration.

The site files to be migrated must be placed in the CloudMigration\SiteFiles directory in the Batch Manager installation directory. The SiteFiles directory has these subdirectories:

  • BatchManager

    Copy the Config directory from the Batch Manager directory.

  • IPS

    Copy these directories from the Infor Public Sector application directory:

    • Config
    • Core
    • Correspondence
    • CRM
    • DataTemplates
    • Enhancement
    • Log
  • RestServices

    Copy the Config and Resources directories from the Rest Services application directory.

  • WebServices

    Copy the Config directory from the Web Services application directory.

For the migration to be successful, each directory under SiteFiles must have the same folder structure as the corresponding application directory. You can simply copy the entire contents of each application directory, but the migration process will only select the files that need to be migrated.

Not all of the site files in the on-premises application directories are migrated. These are the specific directories within the Infor Public Sector application directory that will be selected for migration:

  • Config
  • Core\Messaging\Mappings
  • Correspondence\Templates
  • CRM\CallCentreApplet
  • DataTemplates\AssetInspectionExchange
  • Enhancement
  • Log\Deployment