Migrating files from an on-premises environment

If you are migrating from an on-premises instance of Infor Public Sector to a multi-tenant environment, you can use the migration tools within Infor Public Sector to migrate site files such as configuration files and data exchange templates. You can also copy attachments and user files.
Note: The site file migration process is only supported if you are using a SQL Server database for your on-premises site.

These are the steps in the site file migration process:

  1. Place the files to be migrated in the Batch Manager directory on the application server.
  2. Use the System Information form in Infor Public Sector to pack the site files.

    The packed files are written to the CORE_FILEMANAGEMENT.SITEFILEMIGRATION table in the database.

  3. Add a support incident requesting your database to be backed up and restored in the multi-tenant environment.
  4. After the database is restored, use the System Information form in the multi-tenant environment to unpack the site files.

Copying attachments and user files are separate processes. If attachments are stored in IPS providers in the on-premises site, you can migrate them by copying them from an IPS provider to an IDM provider.

Copying user files is similar to the process of migrating site files. Like the site files, the user files are first placed in the Batch Manager directory on the server. Instead of packing and unpacking them, the user files are then copied directly to the File Explorer in the mult-tenant site.