Writing a formula

  1. Open the Formula Editor.
    You access the Formula Editor from the popup for any formula field in Infor Public Sector, or by editing a formula in the Workflow Manager.
  2. Type a name for the formula in the Formula Name field.
  3. On the Formula tab, type the formula.
    The Formula Editor provides syntax highlighting as you type your formula. You can use the Methods and Properties tree to insert methods, properties, and code snippets. After you've located the item that you want in the tree, double-click its node to insert it into your formula.
  4. On the Comments tab, type any relevant information about the formula.
    Entering comments can help others understand what the formula is doing and make it easier to reuse the code or update it at a later date. It can also help you to remember the purpose of a piece of code long after you wrote it. You can use the Comments toolbar to format the text.
  5. Click Check Status to verify that your formula is working properly.
    Infor Public Sector describes any errors and possible solutions on the Status tab. Error messages include line numbers, and the lines that contain errors are highlighted on the Formula tab.
    After fixing the errors, click Check Status again. You must correct all errors before you can save the formula.
  6. Click Save.
    If your formula has no errors, Infor Public Sector saves the formula. If your formula has errors, you must fix the errors before you can save the formula.