Creating a filter group

  1. Select [CDR module] > Setup > Filter Code Setup.
  2. In the Filter Code Setup tree, right-click the node for the type of group that you want to create and select Create a group.
  3. Specify a name for the group in the Group Name field.
  4. Select Use All Codes if all of the target codes will be available for the selected condition codes.
  5. Click Save.

    Infor Public Sector adds a node for the new group under the selected node. Under the group node are two nodes, one for each set of codes that define the filter group. The upper node in each case represents the condition codes, and the lower node represents the target codes, which are the codes to be filtered.

  6. Select the upper node under the new group node and specify the condition codes for this filter group in the grid.
  7. Select the lower node and specify the codes that will be available when a user selects one of the condition codes.
    Note: If you don’t specify any codes, then no codes will be available for the condition records in the group. For example, if you don’t specify any work types for a work group, then no work types will be available for any of the application types in the work group.