Refunding a deposit

When an application is approved or an applicant wants to reclaim funds from an application's deposit account, you can refund the deposit. You can refund all or part of the funds in any deposit account associated with an application. The refunded amount becomes an overpayment.

  1. Load the application you want in the Application InfoViewer.
  2. Select the Fees tab and the Deposits subtab.
  3. Click the Refund Deposit link above the Deposit Accounts grid.
  4. In the Building Applicants grid, ensure that the applicant who is receiving the refund is selected.
  5. In the Deposit Accounts grid, select the deposit that you want to refund.
  6. Provide any other information about the refund.
    You can specify a reason for the refund in the Adjustment Reason and Comments fields and an authorization code in the Authorization field.
  7. Click Refund Refund button.
    Infor Public Sector reduces the funds in the account by the refunded amount and shows a receipt. You can click Print to print the receipt for the customer.