Checking out plans

Plan copies can be checked out by applicants, outsources, or reviewers. An outsource is a third party who can check out plans, such as an architect or engineer. A reviewer is an agency employee who is responsible for reviewing plans.

To check out plan copies, load the correct application in the application InfoViewer and select the Reviews tab. In the Plan Copies grid, select each plan copy to be checked out and then click the Out link to the right of Applicant, Outsource, or Reviewer.

Note: If you select more than one copy, Infor Public Sector disables the Reviewer link. Reviewers can only check out one copy at a time.

When you click Out, Infor Public Sector shows a dialog box that you use to specify the check out date, the applicant, outsource, or reviewer, and the location. For a reviewer, the dialog box also includes a grid that indicates which reviews the selected copy is assigned to.

To finish checking out the copy, specify the applicant's contact ID, the outsource code, or the reviewer's employee ID and click Save. Infor Public Sector checks out each selected copy and changes its status to Out. The Status Type column in the Plan Copies grid indicates the type of checkout (applicant, outsource, or reviewer). The Checked Out To column identifies the contact, outsource, or employee who checked out the plans. When you click a plan copy that is currently out, Infor Public Sector activates the appropriate links above the grid so you can check in the copy or change its checkout information.