Associating a violation group with an inspection type

When recording inspection results, members of your agency can record information about code violations that they discovered during the inspection. To make a list of predefined code violations available to them, you must associate your inspection types with those code violations. You do this by associating the inspection type with the violation group that contains the code violations you want. All of the code violations in the group will then be available for that inspection type. You must define violation groups using Code Violation before you can associate violation groups with inspection types.

  1. Select License > Setup > License Workflow.
  2. In the License Types tree, browse to the violation group inspections for the correct license type.
  3. Click the Inspections node.
  4. Click Add above the grid.
  5. In the Inspection Type field, specify the identification code for the type of inspection that will have access to the violation group's code violations.
  6. In the Code Violation Group field, specify the identification code for the violation group containing the code violations that you want to associate.
  7. Specify any other information about the association.
  8. Click Save.
    Infor Public Sector associates the violation group with the inspection type and shows the association in the grid. Members of your agency can now use the violation group's code violations in inspections of the specified type.