Configuring a theme

After you have created a theme, you must add it to the Hansen8 configuration to make it available in your Infor Public Sector site. Each theme that you configure is displayed in the Theme list, which is displayed when you select the Ease of Use node in My Infor Preferences.

  1. Select System > Administration > Configuration Editor.
  2. Select Hansen8 from the Configuration list.
  3. Browse to the RUNTIMEFLAGS node in the Configurations tree.
  4. Add the THEMES node as a child of the RUNTIMEFLAGS node, if it doesn't already exist.
  5. Add a child Theme node to the THEMES node.
  6. Set these attributes for the Theme node:
    Theme Name
    Name of the theme. This is the display name that is displayed in My Infor.
    Package Name
    Name of the .css or .js file that contains the theme settings. Enter the file name without the extension. The file must be located in the Client directory of the Infor Public Sector application directory.
  7. Save your changes.