Checking the status of an application

Status checks define the criteria that must be met before an application can advance to the next milestone in the permitting process, such as paying an application fee or completing a site inspection. The status check criteria are defined in Application Workflow.

You can use the Application InfoViewer to check the current status of an application. To run a status check, click the Check Status button Check Status button in the toolbar. You can also check the status of a new application after you've saved it.

When you click Check Status the Application Status dialog box opens. This dialog box shows each status check for the application's current milestone, and indicates whether it was successful. The status checks are displayed in one or more grids depending on the status check types, such as an Inspections grid, a Reviews grid, and a Fees grid. By default only unsatisfied items are displayed, but you can select the Show All Checks check box to show completed items as well.