Clearing a deposit

If an application has been appealed, you can clear the remaining funds in the account. Your agency will consume the cleared funds and Infor Public Sector will assign a zero balance to the account. You can add funds to the account at any time by first charging an additional deposit fee for this account and then paying that fee.

  1. Load the application you want in the Application InfoViewer.
  2. Select the Fees tab and the Deposits subtab.
  3. Click the Clear Deposit link above the Deposit Accounts grid.
  4. In the Budget # field, specify the identification code for the budget account into which the remaining funds will be transferred.
  5. Specify the reason for clearing the deposit in the Adjustment Reason field.
  6. In the Deposit Accounts grid, select the deposit you want to clear.
  7. Specify any other information about the transaction.
    You can specify an authorization code in the Authorization field and type any comments in the Comments field.
  8. Click Finish.
    Infor Public Sector assigns a zero balance to the deposit account and shows a receipt. You can click Print to print the receipt for the customer.