Setting solid waste route sequence numbers to index numbers

If your agency doesn't have a specific ordering system, or if you've reordered positions and would like to reestablish a sequential pattern, you can make all or some of the sequence numbers the same as their index numbers.
  1. Begin to create or edit a route.
    A Route Addresses grid is displayed at the bottom of the form. If you're editing a route, all addresses already added to the route are displayed in the grid. If you're creating a route, you must first add addresses to the route.
  2. Click Modify Sequence Numbers.
  3. Under Set sequence numbers to the index number, indicate which positions you want to resequence.
    To apply this change to a range of positions, specify the beginning and ending index numbers for the range in the Index Number and To fields. To apply this change to all positions in the route, click All. Infor Public Sector will use the beginning and ending index numbers of the route's positions as the index range.
  4. Click Index.
    Infor Public Sector changes the sequence numbers of the specified positions to match their index numbers.
  5. When you're finished editing sequence numbers, click Close.
  6. Continue to create or edit the route.