Translations page

Use the Translations page to create new translatable strings and to view the translatable strings that you have created.

Page functions

This table shows the functions that are available on this page:

Function Description
New String button Opens the New String dialog box to create a translatable string.
Search field Locates a string.
Languages button Opens the Select Language dialog box to search and select from the list of supported languages.

The default value is English (United States).

Page controls Shows the list from the first, previous, next, or last page.
Records per page drop-down list Specifies the number of records that are displayed per page.

Grid columns

This table shows the grid columns that are available on this page.

Function Description
Name Shows the name of the translatable string.
Description Shows the description for the translatable string.
Value Shows the value of the translatable string.

This value is used to define component or property labels.


Click the ellipses icon to show the actions to perform on a project:

  • Edit: Opens the Edit String dialog box to change the name, description, and value of the string.
  • Delete: Opens the Delete String dialog box to delete the string.