Records widget

Records widget shows information in a two-panel layout. The left panel shows multiple records in a data grid with optional search capability. The right panel shows detailed data about a single selected record in the grid. Each panel has many display and other options.

This table shows the elements that are available for this widget template:

Element Description
Widget Click the Search list icon to select from the list of available global strings.
Data Grid Set these data grid elements:
  • Show or hide the header.
  • Show or hide the Search icon and field.
  • Show or hide the row count.
  • Show the information in list view.
  • Show or hide page controls.
  • Select number of columns.
Textbox Show up to six text boxes and set each of the elements:
  • Show or hide the text boxes.
  • Set the text boxes as read-only.
  • Show or hide the text box labels.
Button Show or hide a button and set its style.