Creating a Chart widget

  1. On the Pages > Drafts page, click + New Page.
  2. On the Select Template page, select Chart Widget.
  3. In the Configure Page > Template Settings section, select the elements to add to the widget.
    1. In the Widget > Title field, click the Search list icon to select from the list of available global strings.
    2. In the Chart section, specify this information.
      Show Legend
      Switch on this option to show the chart legend.
      Select the chart type.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Specify the page properties and assign data services.
  6. Click Next.
  7. On the New Page page, perform these steps:
    1. In the Elements section, select a chart element.
    2. In the Data Properties section, select the bound property.
      Optionally, change the bound property value.
    3. In the Elements section, select Chart.
    4. Optionally, in the Attributes section, change the legend display option and the chart type.
    5. In the Context Message section, set up the context message for the receiving component, sending component, or both.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. In the Page Saved dialog box, click Later or Publish.

If you click Publish, the new widget is automatically added to the list of projects on the Published page.