Drafts page

Drafts is the landing page when you open Infor OS App Designer.

Use this page to create new projects and to view the projects that you have created.

Page functions

This table shows the functions that are available on this page:

Function Description
Grid View or Tile View icons Shows the projects in grid view or in tile view.

These icons switch depending on the icon that is currently selected.

Tile view is displayed by default.

New Page button Opens the wizard to create a project.
All Pages or Created By Me menu Shows all the projects or only the projects that are created by the user.
Filter by Tags Filters the projects by the selected tags.
Search field Locates a project depending on the specified keyword or string.
Import button Opens the Import Page dialog box to import your project.
Page controls Shows the projects from the first, previous, next, or last page.
Items per page drop-down list Specifies the number of projects that are displayed per page.

Tile View functions

This table shows the functions that are available when you select the Tile View option.

Function Description
Sort by menu Sorts the projects according to the date the projects was last changed, the date it was created, or its name.
Descending or Ascending icon Arranges the order of the projects in either ascending or descending order.
Edit Project hyperlink Opens a project to enable editing.

This hyperlink is displayed when you move the pointer over a project tile.

Actions menu

Click the ellipses icon to show the actions to perform on a project:

  • Edit: Opens the Edit Page window to apply changes to the widget elements.
  • Publish: Opens the Publish Page dialog box to publish and move the widget to the Published page.
  • Launch: Shows the widget in a new window to view and test how the widget is displayed in the Widget Catalog.
  • Duplicate: Opens the Duplicate Page dialog box to specify the name of the new widget.
  • Rename: Opens the Rename Page dialog box to specify the new name of the widget.
  • Export: Opens the Export Page dialog box to specify the name of widget to export.
  • Delete: Opens the Delete Page dialog box to delete the widget.

Grid View columns

This table shows the functions that are available when you select the Grid View option.

Column Description
Name Shows the name of the project.
The plus (+) icon expands the view of the project to display these widget details:
  • Description
  • Version
  • Created by
  • Created date
  • Tags
Modified By Shows the name of the person who most recently updated the project.
Last Modified Shows the date and time that the project was last updated.
Actions Same options in tile view.