Widget properties

Each widget template has elements, properties, and attributes that you must configure.

This table shows the steps on how to configure an element, property, or attribute.

Template Element, property, or attribute How to configure?
All widget templates Variable Use the Variables dialog box to create page variables for bindings and context messages.

See Creating a variable.

All widget templates Data property Use the Page Wizard's Data Properties section to change bound property values.

See Changing the bound property values

All widget templates Parent components Use the Page Wizard's Context Message section to set up the context messages for the receiving component, sending component, or both.

See Setting up context messages.

Count Left and right counter Use the Conditional Styling dialog box to assign colors to a range of values.

To access the Conditional Styling dialog box, when you create or edit a Count widget, on the New Page page, select Options > Configure Element.

Forms, Greeting, and Records Button Use the Button Action Settings dialog box to configure the button action.

See Configuring the button element.

Simple List Badge Use the Conditional Styling dialog box to assign colors to the badge attributes.

See Adding badges to list attributes.

Simple List Hyperlink Configure the hyperlink element to define a drillback action or to use a static name.

See Configuring the hyperlink element.

Simple List Icon Use the Conditional Styling dialog box to assign icons to a range of values.

See Adding icons to list attributes.