Context Messages page

Use the Context Messages page to create new context message objects and to view the context message objects that you have created.

Page functions

This table shows the functions that are available on this page:

Function Description
New Context Message button Opens the wizard to create context message objects.
Search field Locates a context message.
Page controls Shows the list from the first, previous, next, or last page.
Records per page drop-down list Specifies the number of records that are displayed per page.

Grid columns

This table shows the grid columns that are available on this page.

Column Description
Display Name Shows the display name of the context message object.

The plus (+) icon expands the view to display the context message object details, the person who created the context message object, and the date the context message object was created.

Message Name Shows the context message to be transmitted.
Description Shows the description for the context message object.
Modified By Shows the name of the person who most recently updated the context message object.
Last Modified Shows the date and time when the context message object was last updated.

Click the ellipses icon to show the actions to perform on an object:

  • Edit: Opens the wizard to apply changes to the context message object.
  • Details: Opens the Context Details dialog box to view the context message information, which include the structure and parameters.
  • Delete: Opens the Delete Context Message dialog box to delete the context message object.