Signing into the Infor Go Mobile application

If there is no active session or you just configured the Infor Go mobile application, you are prompted to sign in.

  1. To begin the sign-in process, select Sign in.
    Based on your administrator's configuration, you may be prompted to select an identity provider and then directed to the sign-in screen. Otherwise, you are redirected to the sign-in screen.
  2. Specify your credentials to sign in to this environment.
  3. To authorize the mobile application, tap Allow on the Request for Approval screen.
  4. Specify whether to use device-level authentication or a user PIN.
    If you select Device Level Authentication, Infor Go uses whatever authentication is set on your device. If you have a biometric set up on your device, Infor Go uses that authentication option. If you do not have a biometric set but use another authentication method for your device, Infor Go uses that alternative authentication. A minimum of a Device PIN is needed for this option.
    If you select the user PIN option, you must set a PIN. This PIN is used only by Infor Go and is used for authentication after login. Should you forget your PIN, a Forgot PIN option is available to reset the PIN.
    After successful sign-in, the Diagnostics & Analytics screen is displayed.
  5. Tap the About Diagnostics & Privacy link to read your privacy rights.
    By design, you share your activity with the developers; however, you can opt out from sharing your activity. You can also change this setting any time on your profile information screen.
  6. Tap Done to return to the Diagnostics & Analytics screen.
  7. Tap CONTINUE to go to the My Apps dashboard in the Infor Go application.
    After you are signed in, you can use local authentication to access the Infor Go application as long as the session is still active. You can use PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition, depending on your device and device settings.