In app navigation

When an application is launched, you can use the navigation menu and the backward and forward options to navigate the application.

The navigation menu is provided by the application. You access it by tapping the menu list icon in the top left below the header. This icon enables you to find and navigate to screens within the application.

After you have navigated using the navigation menu, you can use the backward and forward options located in the footer. These options enable you to return to previous screens that you visited within that application and then go forward through that same set of screens.

If you use a drillback within an application to navigate to another application or you select a new content application, you can use the recently viewed application icon to see your recently visited applications. From there, you can select, navigate to, or close applications (using the x icon or swiping left).

If, at any point, you want to return to the home screen of the application, you can select the home icon in the top left of the header.