Users with this role are content administrators in Infor Ming.le Homepages. Content administrative users have full permission to content-related tasks so that they can create published content and manage published content. They can create, edit, and delete any published page or widget – not only their own content. It is not mandatory to use this role as the administrator has full access to all content as well.

In addition to managing content via the Page and Widget Library and by actions under the Advanced section in the Homepages menu, for example the Import page, a content administrator has access to these Administration tools.

  • Published pages
  • Published pages - export all
  • Published pages - export selected
  • Dynamic pages - read-only mode on policies
  • Page archives
  • Published widgets
  • Published widgets - export all and export selected
  • Published widgets - delete
  • Published widgets - import
  • Published widgets - edit, copy, apply, replace, and clear permissions
  • Featured pages, widgets, and banner widgets
  • Featured pages, widgets, and banner widgets - edit permissions (only edit permissions for published widgets and pages, nor for standard widgets and pages)
  • Tags
  • Announcements
  • Announcements - import
  • Security policies - read-only mode, for viewing and testing the security policies

From the Homepages Administration > Home view, a content administrator can view only content cards with links to pages that the content administrator has permission to view.