Adding an announcement

To add an announcement:

  1. Open the Administration tool, and open the Announcements page.
  2. Click New Announcement to display the New Announcement dialog.
  3. On the Basic tab, complete this information:
    Provide a title for the announcement.
    Type the announcement text. You can click the ? icon to review formatting options and click PREVIEW to view the formatting attributes as you apply them to the text.
    Available from
    Specify a start date for the announcement.
    Available to
    Specify an end date for the announcement.
    Time zone
    Specify a time zone to apply to the Available from and Available to dates.
    Image URL
    Provide the URL for an image to include in the announcement.
    Image Alignment
    Select an alignment setting to position the image.
    Specify whether the announcement contains an image only, an image is displayed as the background for text, or an image is positioned before or after the text.
    Text color
    Specify a color for the text.
    Specify the priority level of the announcement.

    A critical announcement is displayed in a modal dialog box, in an Announcements widget, or in an Announcements top bar when the user accesses Homepages after logging into Infor Ming.le. If you create multiple critical announcements, the user must click Next until all critical announcements are displayed.

    Show action button
    Specify whether to display an action button to users on the announcement toolbar.
    Button title
    Specify a title for an action button, if required.
    Button URL
    Specify the URL for the action button.
  4. On the Recurrence tab, specify whether the announcement is repeated weekly, monthly, yearly, or never.
  5. On the Translations tab, click Add Translation, indicate the language of the translation, and provide a translation of the announcement title, content, and button title, if applicable.
  6. On the Permissions tab, select the security policies for users whom you want to be able to see the announcement. You can edit security policies and add new policies from this tab.
  7. Click Save. The new announcement is added to the list.
  8. Select the announcement, and click Preview from the Actions bar to preview the announcement.
  9. From the preview, click Preview Settings. Specify whether to show the announcement as a top bar widget, a banner widget, or a regular widget. You can also specify a page color. Click Save.
  10. Click Close to return to the Announcements page.