Adding shortcuts

You can add shortcuts to the Banner Area and the Main Area of a dynamic page when the page is in Edit mode.

To add shortcuts:

  1. From the Dynamic Pages list, select a page. The Actions toolbar is displayed.
  2. Click Edit on the Actions toolbar to open the dynamic page in Edit mode.
  3. Expand the Banner Area or the Main Area where you want the shortcuts to be displayed.
  4. From the Quick add section, drag and drop the Shortcuts component to the destination area.
    Alternatively, you can click Add Component to display a dialog box from which you can add the Shortcuts component to the destination area.
  5. Click the settings icon to display the Edit Settings dialog box. Specify a title for the shortcuts. Optionally, add translations for the shortcuts title and assign the shortcuts an icon. You can customize the sizing and background for the selected icon. Click Save.
  6. If the Shortcuts component is not expanded, click the expand icon to display the detailed view, and click Add Shortcut to display the Add Shortcut dialog box. Define one or more shortcuts as required:
    1. On the Basic tab, specify the title and URL of the shortcut and assign the shortcut an icon and a background for the icon.
    2. On the Permissions tab, select the appropriate security roles to limit the display of the shortcut by the defined configurations.
    3. On the Translations tab, add translations of the shortcut title.
    4. Click Save.
  7. Click Preview on the toolbar to preview the shortcuts on the dynamic page. Click Preview As to preview the dynamic page by security role.