Setting up the push notification feature

  1. You must create an Infor Xtreme incident requesting Push Notification Service configuration. You must create an incident for each environment type, for example, Test and Production.
    Include the Infor OS version and environment type details on the Infor Xtreme incident.

    An exclusive backend service is created specifically for you to download the credentials.

    A copy of the credentials (.ionapi file) is attached to the Infor Xtreme incident.

  2. Download the credentials zip file from the Infor Xtreme incident and save the zip file locally.
  3. Log into your Infor Ming.le On-Premises edition.
  4. From the User Menu, select Admin Settings > General Settings.
  5. Select the Enable Push Notification Service check box.
  6. Click Upload Credentials to upload the .ionapi file, extracted from the zip file that you saved.
  7. Save your settings.