Viewing all featured widgets

To open the Featured Widgets tool, click the Featured widgets link on the Featured content card on the administration Home page, or click Featured widgets from the action menu of the administration tool.

All featured widgets are listed in the administrator's view. The order of the widgets reflects the order by which the widgets were last accessed. Only the first five widgets that a user is authorized to access are shown as featured widgets in the Widget Catalog for that user.

You can use the drag icon in the first column of the list to change the sort order of the widgets. When you refresh the Widget Catalog, the sequence of the featured widgets reflects the sequence of the widgets listed in the administrator's view.

These actions are available from the Actions toolbar that is displayed when one or more widgets are selected:

Action Description
Edit Permissions Displays the Widget Permissions dialog where you can add, edit, and remove permissions.
Remove as featured (<number>) Removes the selected widgets from featured widgets.