Use the Time-out option in Security Administration > Session Configuration > Time Out to configure the idle session time-out of your system. The time is measured in minutes, and you can enter a number from 5 to 470. The default time-out is set to 470. This time-out applies to all users and applications in Infor Ming.le.

Users are notified five minutes before an automatic sign-out occurs when the time-out is greater than 10 minutes. If the time-out is less than 10 minutes, users are notified two minutes before an automatic sign-out occurs. This notification includes an option to reset the time-out timer and to allow the user to continue working by clicking OK.

The idle session time-out starts again if the user leaves the system idle again.

If concurrent session is enabled, it is recommended to have a time-out no longer than 20 minutes. If a user does not properly log out of a session, the user must wait the full time-out period before regaining access to the system again.